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Y O G A   I  N  L  E  T        s    u    m    a    n    g    a    l    a  
Contact: Sarita-Linda Rocco .  734 Penn Avenue .  West Reading, PA 19611 .  610-376-2881 .  www.yogainlet.com .  yogainlet@verizon.net  
Closed on Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day , Labor Day, Thanksgiving & Christmas week
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Welcome.  YOGA INLET Sumangala is a privately owned healing center with expert, certified teachers available to support & serve you. We teach Svaroopa Yoga, Wise Earth Ayurveda & TaiChi/Qigong to help you create the strength, vitality and calm needed to move though your life with ease. You'll love our cozy & comfortable environment, effective practices and the personal support our mature experienced teachers offer you.  Check out our  Current Yoga Class Schedule

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